Apiway.ai is a free integration platform where you can find the right b2b software and integrate it with other cloud apps for free, without limits

A brief overview of Apiway

Apiway is a free integration platform marketplace in which you can come across the right B2B software while connecting with other cloud-based apps for free. The best part is that you can accomplish it all within five minutes without any requirement of coding. Apiway platform helps in integrating all apps within a single place with the help of API. Apiway is a functional sales-generating platform that you can use without knowing how to code. You can connect with the CRM, email marketing, or Chatbot services for generating leads effectively. The platform makes use of the revolutionary iPaaS software technology and other advanced features.

Reasons to consider Apiway in your no-code stack

  • Sending Leads to CRM: With the help of the no-code integration platform, it is possible to send Facebook and TikTok leads to CRM and Google Sheets effectively. Therefore, it is a great no-code integration platform for TikTok and Facebook ads experts. 
  • Connection of Different Cloud Apps: With Apiway, it is possible to ensure the connection of different cloud apps between each other –totally for free. Moreover, there is no requirement of coding for this functionality. With Apiway, it is possible to ensure integrations of the CRM system, chatbots, and email marketing services within minutes. 
  • Helps with Attracting Visitors: Apiway is a free integration platform that helps in attracting viral traffic. For using the services of the platform, software vendors tend to pay for the ads on the platform for receiving viral traffic.

What can you accomplish with Apiway?

  • Cost-effectiveness: Apiway comes with a totally free integration platform. Therefore, it is helpful in attracting a large number of users. For the end users, Apiway is totally free because it charges from the software vendors for running their ads. Therefore, you can easily use the platform for free without any limitations.
  • No-code Integrations: Apiway offers access to seamless no-code integrations with over 50 apps. Some of these include TikTok, Facebook, Slack, LinkedIn, Shopify, WooCommerce, and so more. The platform also aims at integrating with more popular apps in the coming times –including Instagram, Airtable, Intercom, PayPal, Paperforms, Gravity Forms, and so more.
  • Advanced Analytics: You can perform click rate and open rate analytics for tracking mail opening rates by customers. Apiway also helps you to launch an online store seamlessly by integrating with advanced platforms. Therefore, you can easily create web pages and perform in-depth sales analytics.

Top features of Apiway

  • Analytics
  • Website analytics
  • Web notifications
  • Web forms
  • Website personalization
  • Visual notifications

Pricing plans

  • Free

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