Arengu is a low-code platform to create self-service signup, user onboarding flows with any stack and scenario

A brief overview of Arengu

Arengu is a no-code SaaS-based platform for building all sign-up logic without any coding requirement. The tool offers the overall ease of streamlining users to the API or ensuring authentication. Currently, the tool is focused on authorization flows. The platform is capable of easily building forms with the help of custom server-side logic without any technical knowledge or coding. It also ensures the execution of actions and integrations with third-party services in multiple stages of the given form. Arengu is also known for integrating with a wide range of complementary solutions –ranging from communication solutions Telegram to Mailjet –email service provider, MailChimp –email marketing software, and so more.

Reasons to consider Arengu in your no-code stack

  • Designing Forms Seamlessly: With Arengu, it is possible to easily design forms with the help of customized server-side logic. This helps in executing flows in multiple form stages –including after or before submission, between form steps, integrating with APIs, or validating data.
  • Ease of Designing Flows: Arengu is a leading form builder for allowing you to easily come up with custom server-side logic. It is also possible to automate tasks across different stages. Some flows to look out for are validation flows, debugging mode, intuitive data mapping, and integration flows.
  • Inclusion of Payment Fields: With Arengu, it is possible to easily include secure payment options to the forms while collecting recurring or one-off subscriptions for the business. It includes Stripe integration, PCI compliance, higher security, and different payment modes.

What can you accomplish with Arengu?

  • Personalization: Arengu offers access to high-end personalization options. The form designed in the platform –along with its fields, steps, and blocks can be executed with the help of the dedicated Form Editor. You can easily personalize the interface of the form as per your requirements.
  • Data enrichment and integration: Arengu ensures the overall ease of integrating with other platforms for obtaining data that you require. With this platform, you can also look forward to enriching the forms’ answers with other platforms.
  • Powerful Authentication: In Arengu, you can come across magic links. These are available as authenticated URLs containing a token for granting access to a particular user. Once the user will click the URL, he or she will be automatically authenticated.

Top features of Arengu

  • Lead distribution
  • Online forms
  • Lead notification
  • Lead nurturing
  • Form management
  • Workflow management

Pricing plans

  • Startup: €100 per month
  • Growth: €250 per month
  • Scale: €500 per month
  • Enterprise: €2,000 per month

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