WorkMap enables you to automate workflows & manage data with spreadsheet simplicity, with all the benefits of a modern workflow solution – automations, reports, forms, database and more.

A brief overview of WorkMap is a powerful relational database management system that is completely web-based! You can use our simple and intuitive interface to create tables, build relations, create rules, to craft something that feels just like the business app you require. You get everything that you expect from a RDBMS  – in an anywhere accessible online database solution. You will dramatically minimize ownership costs for IT overload with Workmap. It focuses mainly on enterprise networking, collaboration, and mobility features, expanding their ability to work efficiently through a pool of teams, partners and clients. The product provides a sleek and highly adaptable framework that can be set up and introduced cost-efficiently and quickly. The guiding forces of Workmap are simplicity and beautification. Thus, you get all the benefits of a modern workflow solution – automation, reports, forms, database and more.

Reasons to consider WorkMap in your no-code stack

  • It helps you to automate workflows with simple do-it-yourself database apps.
  • There are no extra costs like hardware, repair or maintenance.
  • You can turn sentences into workflows with natural language processing.
  • provides you with Intelligent assignments and notifications to make sure everyone keeps on top of their responsibilities across workflows.
  • has a 10-year long experience and 99.9 per cent uptime.

What can you accomplish with WorkMap?

  • You can not only boost your output with but also add fantastic resources to your enterprise, including e-mail, online document management, Online Project Management, Online Calendars, and much more.
  • You can boost your work through the expansive library of workflow templates. Some of the most popularly used templates are vacation tracking, simple CRM, order processing, school management and many more.

Top features of WorkMap

  • Create and edit rows and columns inline. Real time co-editing of data
  • Create database relations between tables
  • Gather data through internal and external web forms
  • Fully customizable through drag and drop form designer
  • Collect relational data through sub forms
  • Extract data across tables through conditions
  • Assign records and responsibilities to users and manage data access through permissions
  • Automate assignments across workflow phases

Pricing plans

  • Standard: $15 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom

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