Hivewire is a visual workflow builder for non-technical teams and individuals
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Hivewire is a no-code platform for onboarding workflows. Organize teams in a single workspace and automate onboarding for your customers, employees, projects, and more. With Hivewire, you can fetch data by importing Excel/CSV files or input/populate data manually. It allows you to design your own process. Virtually create your custom workflow of your data using logic, timers and other tools.  With your newly-created point of execution, you can now focus on results instead of inefficient operations.  This enables you to get more work done and that too faster. What it does is automate your process to focus on results instead of operations which is carried out the due course of obtaining the result.

Why this tool

  • It helps you to take control of your processes and unify your team in a single workspace.
  • Structure your onboarding process your way with custom fields, templated checklists and relational data, all tied back to your CRM.
  • You can now stop spending time on repetitive tasks and start working on what matters. Automate template tasks, customer updates and set your team up to scale.

What you can accomplish with this tool

  • Visual workflows make it easy to share your processes across teams, departments, and companies. Whether you're running an enterprise business or scaling a smaller one, creating visual workflows allows any employee, new or old, to quickly get up to speed on how you get work done.
  • During the recruitment process, gathering data is critical to customer onboarding. With Hivewire, you can customise and share forms that trigger actions and keep your workflow moving.

Tool Features

  • Powerful Automations
  • Template Tasks
  • Comprehensive Views
  • Custom Forms
  • Easily Sharable
  • Seamless CRM Integration


  • On request only

Learning Resources

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