Qalcwise no-code platform is a business application builder for non-programmers. It allows customers to create and deliver web apps across all devices.

A brief overview of Qalcwise

Qalcwise is a no-code platform that focuses on how spreadsheets can be used to effectively run business processes. It is a user-friendly tool that will surely bring agility to your business. Qalcwise business applications allow you to address your custom business needs with the flexibility of a spreadsheet while providing enterprise class scalability and workflow. Use online Qalcwise spreadsheet widgets to design your application. Furthermore, in-built formulas can be used for business calculations. Thus, you now get to enjoy calculation empowered business collaboration and communication in Qalcwise. So, sit back, analyze and make decisions.

Reasons to consider Qalcwise in your no-code stack

  • The “focus“ feature allows you to focus on what is important and avoid distraction. Switch focus on and you'll get only these messages which require your attention or this which you have marked as important to work on.
  • It has in-built workspaces which are public or private places where communication takes place. Visit those if you need to know what is hot in a specific area.
  • You get your dashboard which sums up your activities.
  • It's a completely new approach to how spreadsheets are used to effectively run business processes. It's a new way to work.

What can you accomplish with Qalcwise?

  • If you work in tours and travels, you can build an app that enables your users to fully automate the process of managing vacation requests and reduce administration costs accordingly.
  • As a finance manager, you can design an invoice management app. It can take care of all calculations, business rules and workflow that can be easily adjusted to your organization needs.
  • As an HR, you can have an application that supports the attendance list and the recording of employees' working time along with the flow of forms.

Top features of Qalcwise

  • Formula-based no-code application designer
  • Unlimited reports and dashboards
  • Built-in high-performance database
  • Unlimited workspaces for applications and collaboration
  • Desktop and mobile application design capability
  • Automated sandbox for draft and production applications

Pricing plans

  • Free Forever: €0
  • Basic: €10 per user per month
  • Business: €15 per user per month
  • Enterprise: Custom

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