Vev is an all-in-one no-code design platform for professionals to create and launch unique web experiences with complete creative and technical freedom

A brief overview of Vev

Vev is an all-in-one design platform used by professionals for creating and launching unique web experiences with the help of creative and technical features. With Vev, professionals can design a solo website while seamlessly publishing projects to the existing platforms. Vev is a no-code tool that is designed to bridge the gap between web designers and content creators, offering a seamless web experience to users. You can use Vev to transform your website content without any coding skills or technical knowledge. Make the web a better and more beautiful place with this no-code web designing tool.

Reasons to consider Vev in your no-code stack

  • Visual Design Without Any Code: You can use the interface for creating complex and responsive layouts without any coding. You can also use advanced features to upgrade the overall designs.
  • Creation of Advanced Code: You can expand the functionality in Vev by developing React Native components in the integrated code editor of the platform.
  • In-situ Content Editing: Gain full access to the content and edit it on the go. Writing and editing are possible with swift feedback and in a risk-free environment.

What can you accomplish with Vev?

  • Publish Virtually Anywhere: The flexible hosting solutions of Vev allow you to host with the platform or publish sites with a single click directly to the server or CMS.
  • Creation of Systems That Scale: You can save as well as reuse templates while sharing main components and design systems across teams. This ensures that consistency is maintained throughout the project. 
  • Streamlining Everything You Create: Professionals can change the way in which they build front-end content. The tool is free from rigid templates and delivers the ease of collaboration across teams.

Top features of Vev

  • Template building tool
  • Provision for different types of content forms
  • Border radius for designing
  • Drag and drop capability
  • Content import & export
  • Online store builder

Pricing plans

  • Starter: Free
  • Professional: $59 per user per month
  • Organization: Custom

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