Silex, is a free and open source website builder in the cloud

A brief overview of Silex

Silex is a free website builder that can be utilized across any browser. Silex is available as open-source and free tool as website designers can easily use them to build interactive websites. The website builder is also available as a cloud-based tool that allows you to design stunning websites without the requirement of any installations. With Silex, there is no requirement of any prior coding or technical knowledge as designers can make use of the drag and drop feature to come up with compelling websites.

Reasons to consider Silex in your no-code stack

  • Ease of Learning Standards: In the visual editor of the tool, you can get access to common settings. In case you need more settings, Silex can help you in writing the CSS without the requirement of leaving the browser. There is no requirement of complex dialogues or menus. You only need access to open web standards to learn meaningful skills.
  • Secure Data: When you are editing your website with the help of Silex, your files remain on the hard drive. Data on Silex are available through Dropbox. You can also obtain data on the server while being available through FTP. Once you select the ‘publish’ button, your website will become optimized such that you can publish the same online.
  • Access to Search Engines: When you create a website on Silex, they are automatically search engine-friendly. Silex comes forth with an array of options required for optimizing your website for different search engines.

What can you accomplish with Silex

  • Cost-effective Website Design: Silex is available for free to design a website. Silex is owned by a nonprofit organization. Therefore, it is available as a free platform without any hidden costs or licensing problems. Users are given invitation to contribute as well as provide services to the entire community.
  • 100% Online: You can design websites within the browser of Silex without any requirement of installation. This allows you to work instantly from any device. At the same time, Silex also offers the ease of collaboration due to its Dropbox sharing capabilities.
  • Live Web Creation: As you change something in Silex, you can observe the results almost instantly. Therefore, modifying your website become seamless with the tool.

Top features of Silex

  • Static web page
  • Free plugins and templates
  • Web-based website design
  • Inclusion of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML code editors

Pricing plans

  • Free

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