Meet the most elegant, simple and powerful web-tool for designing websites, presentations, portfolios and all kinds of digital publications.

A brief overview of Readymag

Readymag is a browser-centric design tool that helps in the creation of portfolios, websites, and all types of online publications without the need of coding. It delivers access to advanced algorithms along with 3000 free fonts and analytics. Users can choose between multiple typography options for selecting the most suitable one for the website.

Featuring over 3000 free fonts from Webtype, Adobe,, and Google Fonts, users can simply click as well as select fonts that would best fit the brand. The platform is also available with over 500,000 photos from Unsplash that can be used for making the website and brand stand out amongst competition.

Reasons to consider Readymag in your no-code stack

  • Ease of Adding Content: You can use any of the multimedia widgets while positioning them in any way you like. Readymag offers the ease of adding content according to the desired layout of the website.
  • Fine-tuning the Website: It is recommended to leverage the full advantage of the font library while defining text styles and toggling OpenType features. It is also possible to adjust variable fonts to fine-tune the website.
  • Ease of Adding Animations: With Readymag, you can easily create multi-step, complex movements that can be activated with a single click for loading or scrolling. The presence of interactive animations helps in boosting the overall website aesthetics.
  • Ease of Publishing: In addition to bespoke websites, Readymag also offers the ease of publishing them on the go. Whether it is a company page or editorial website, landing page, or an e-commerce store, it is possible to get ready with a designer website with Readymag.

What can you accomplish with Readymag?

  • Market Optimization: Readymag allows you to design optimized websites for the market. With features like access to custom code, connection of the domain, SSL, and advanced SEO settings, it is possible to design a well-optimized website.
  • SSL & Privacy: When you are designing a website, ensuring its security should be your topmost priority. Readymag helps you achieve the same through advanced SSL and privacy settings.
  • Advanced Analytics: If you wish to keep track of the overall website success, Readymag offers you with interactive, advanced analytics report to help you analyze the progress of web design.

Top features of Readymag

  • Mobile layout
  • SEO and sharing settings
  • Custom domains
  • Availability of free fonts
  • Useful animations

Pricing plans

  • Free
  • Personal: $15 per month
  • Freelancer: $25 per month
  • Studio: $40 per month
  • Business: $65 per month

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