Popsy lets you turn your Notion pages into websites with custom domains, navigation bar, buttons, and more

A brief overview of Popsy

Popsy is a free website builder for Notion that lets you turn your Notion pages into beautiful websites. With Popsy, you can set up a custom domain, make buttons, navigation bar, galleries, change theme, fonts, colors, and much more. In short, you can customize everything without coding.

Reasons to consider Popsy in your no-code stack

  • Build personal websites, portfolios, resumes, blogs, online stores for digital products, landing pages, help desks etc.
  • Perfect for content which requires collaboration and changes frequently
  • Designed for individuals and businesses

What can you accomplish with Popsy?

  • Turn Notion page into professional website with 1 click
  • Build great websites fast without coding
  • Share and easily sync your co-working space

Top features of Popsy

  • No-code solution for building websites in Notion
  • Design customization, navigation bar, buttons, social links, clickable images, galleries etc.
  • Excellent SEO
  • Lightning fast websites, automatic sync with Notion
  • Publish to Popsy or custom domain

Pricing plans

  • Free

Learning resources

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