Makeswift is an open source package you install into your repository so you can self host and control your deployment workflow

A brief overview of Makeswift

Makeswift is a no-code website builder that requires you have no prior knowledge or expertise of CSS and HTML. Makeswift is aimed for website builders who wish to develop interactive websites quickly. With Makeswift, you are allowed to create a website without any code while still having the detail and power of the online design tool. There is no longer requirement to fit an idea into a dedicated template as you allow your creativity to shine.

With Makeswift, you are allowed to collaborate with your team in real time while coming up with ideas quickly. Makeswift serves to be a combination of an elegant design tool and a high-end no-code website builder.

Reasons to consider Makeswift in your no-code stack

  • Optimized for Next.js: With support for both ISR and SSR for website design, Makeswift is capable of seamlessly integrating into the Next.js app without compromising on the overall performance.
  • Open-source Package: Makeswift serves to be an open-source package that can be installed into the repository such that you are capable of self-hosting and controlling the deployment workflow. You can eject all Makeswift pages at any time.
  • Ease of Integration: You can effectively integrate Makeswift at its component level while making your site editable page-by-page.

What can you accomplish with Makeswift?

  • Ease of Website Control: The presence of easy-to-use layouts offers marketing teams everything they require for designing a feature-rich website. Makeswift helps in eliminating tradeoffs with headless CMS, custom code, and no-code visual builders.
  • Access to Multi-player builder: With Makeswift, you can now keep everyone on the same page. Your entire team is capable of collaborating in real time with the help of the website builder of the tool.
  • Responsive Layouts: With Makeswift, it is possible to easily optimize website designs on every possible device. You can effectively restructure layout, tweak spacing, and adjust text styles to create pixel perfect website designs.

Top features of Makeswift

  • Global design system
  • Beautiful animations
  • Absence of vendor lock-in
  • Simple, intuitive API

Pricing plans

  • Free
  • Pro
  • Enterprise: custom

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