With sheet2site, you can create a website from Google Sheets in just 3 clicks; a fully functional site with pictures, text, filters and links.

A brief overview of Sheet2Site

Sheet2Site helps you to create stunning websites from just Google Sheets. You can add pictures, text, filters, and links. Each Sheet2Site website consists of one Google Sheet. The most stunning feature of it is that the website is updated automatically whenever you make any changes in the Google Sheet. Your website will consist of parts like "Header", "Cards", "Description" and others. Each of these parts is represented in a tab at the bottom of this Google Sheet. Sheet2site allows you to customize or hide some specific parts as per the requirement. Whether you use Wix, WordPress or any other custom site, you can embed your sheet2site page into your existing website.

Reasons to consider Sheet2Site in your no-code stack

  • You can have everything in 1 sheet: Data, Filters, Extra Fields, Map, Detailed Pages! Just select a type for each column and everything else will be created automatically.
  • You can make your Google-style searching website. The data is hidden from the home page and shown only when the user enters a search keyword.
  • You can add YouTube and Vimeo videos to your websites. Even create a list of curated videos if you want to create a course.

What can you accomplish with Sheet2Site?

  • Sheet2Site is a No-code tool that is used to turn a scratchy Google Sheet into a good, functioning website in a minute.
  • You can build a directory website using Google sheets like an internal team directory, a list of best places to visit and so on.
  • Making restaurant menus is one of the most popular applications of shee2site as you just have to input data in the Google Sheet and you get an awesome web page out of it.

Top features of Sheet2Site

  • Drag and Drop option for easy creation of database using Google Sheets
  • Embedded with several templates
  • Detailed page pop up window, which eliminates the need for popup URL
  • Connect with Google Analytics to your website
  • Automatically import the result of your Typeform to Google Sheet

Pricing plans

  • Basic: $29 per month
  • Premium: $49 per month

Learning resources

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