TableWS is a no code web builder that helps you create sites, pages and tables from Airtable or Spreadsheet

A brief overview of TableWS

TableWS is a no-code interactive platform that allows you to create a site from Airtable or spreadsheets within minutes. TableWS is a high-end platform ensuring updates to sites automatically. With TableWS, it is possible to create interactive, feature-rich tables by only making use of the pre-defined templates. It is also possible to directly manipulate the JavaScript, CSS, or HTML without any technical knowledge or expertise. All pages on this platform are composed of parameterized templates of JS, HTML, and CSS.

Reasons to consider TableWS in your no-code stack

  • Interactive Board Demos: With TableWS, you can get access to both Job Board Demo and Menu Board Demo. You can design an entire site from Airtable along with joining data from different views and easily creating sub tables. It is also possible to easily control the style of your table and site. As a user, you will have 100% control over all possible aspects of the site design.
  • Quick Embedding of Tables: With TableWS, it is possible to quickly embed tables in a span of five minutes. You can use the desired web library along with templates, multiple languages, and automatic pages offered by TableWS.
  • Ease of Managing Website Content: TableWS offers access to the most convenient way of managing your entire website content. It is possible to automate the workflows while allowing your customers to create as well as update data with airtable or spreadsheet. You will control access to relevant data while TableWS helps you in converting content into a beautiful and interactive table.

What can you accomplish with TableWS?

  • Access to Interactive Templates: With TableWS, you can easily design the site of your choice by only using its impressive assortment of templates for all types of designs. Right from templates for e-commerce sites to real estate sites, catalogs, communities, blogs, and so more – TableWS has it all for your use.
  • Total Control over the Content: If you wish to exercise total control over the content of your site, you can use TableWS for its feature-rich solutions. TableWS allows you to focus on your content. The tool is capable of handling the details related to optimized and secure tables.
  • Hosting Solutions: Be default, TableWS publishes the images as well as files to the Global CDN. It is also possible to download your generated site and host the same yourself.

Top features of TableWS

  • Hosting capabilities
  • Feature-rich templates
  • Timeline grid design
  • Ease of embedding tables within minutes

Pricing plans

  • Free
  • Custom: $19 per month
  • Basic: $9 per month

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