Cantrip is a website builder for users who don't want to worry about plugins, design, or complex settings

A brief overview of is a leading website builder tool that allows its users to design as well as create attractive web pages rapidly and seamlessly. is a no-code website-building tool for users who are not concerned about design, plugin, and complex settings of the website. With, it is possible to effectively write the content for the web pages, select a theme, and the website is complete.

The website builder allows its users to check whether or not website requirements are fulfilled. Users are given a chance to select from a comprehensive range of built-in themes within the app while gaining access to all the relevant page-building tools.

Reasons to consider in your no-code stack

  • No-code Builder: With, it is possible to come up with a dedicated website without any prior knowledge of coding. If you are only starting out with website design, you can easily design a feature-rich website without possessing any technical knowledge.
  • Rich in Themes: offers access to a wide range of interesting built-in themes. These themes can be used by website designers to design user-friendly websites. Websites designed with the help of themes are feature-rich and interactive.
  • Simple Web Pages: The software is perfect for the creation of simple and interactive web pages -especially short-lived websites. You can use to come up with websites that do not usually require a domain name.

What can you accomplish with

  • Ease of Creating Websites: is a one-stop website builder that allows you to create feature-rich websites on the go. With its simple-to-use built-in themes, you can design your custom website in one go.
  • Creating and Publishing Website: allows its users to create a dedicated URL upon creating and publishing the website. Additionally, you can also link the existing domain name with the website that has been created.
  • Creating Landing Pages: can also be used for the creation of attractive landing pages -usually short-lived landing pages. You can also customize the page according to the business requirements and campaigns.

Top features of

  • Presence of multiple templates
  • Website editor
  • Content import-export
  • SEO management

Pricing plans

  • Free
  • Premium: $9.98 per month

Learning resources

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