Typedream is the simplest way to build a website without coding. It's as easy as writing on Notion

A brief overview of Typedream

Typedream is a web-based, no-code platform that is built specifically for helping users in building an attractive website with the help of a simple interface. It offers access to tools for adding meta tags and social sharing tags to the website for ensuring SEO (Search Engine Optimization) along with custom domain featuring SSL certificates. This ensures that your website gets served automatically on HTTPS. Typedream serves to be the all-in-one solution for building your website from scratch without any requirement of coding knowledge or expertise.

Reasons to consider Typedream in your no-code stack

  • Built and optimized for websites: With Typedream, it is possible to easily include custom domains along with SEO tags to the website. Moreover, it is also possible to receive access to an optimized static page that is hosted on the CDN.
  • All-in-one Website Solution: With Typedream, you can get access to everything that you need for building your website. Typedream is committed to keeping your website simple such that you are able to focus on the content.
  • Ease of Including Smaller Details: Typedream allows you to include navigation bar, buttons, and columns –all with a single click. There is no more requirement of worrying about smaller details. Therefore, you can focus on building your content with the default design styling component.

What can you accomplish with Typedream?

  • Access to Professional Online Stores: Typedream allows its users to create, launch, and manage professional-style online stores with a single platform.
  • Access to Built-in Tools: Typedream delivers access to built-in tools and assets for making the process of website development easy and instant. You can now easily make a website with Typedream in a fun manner.
  • Use of Interactive Features: Typedream delivers its users the ease of accessing gradient backgrounds, containers, and cards that are ready to use instantly. Therefore, it becomes highly convenient to build connections and organize the content.

Top features of Typedream

  • Online store builder
  • Real-time editing
  • Pre-built templates
  • SEO management
  • Landing pages
  • Content import and export

Pricing plans

  • Free
  • Launch: $12 per month (product launches, landing pages and more)

Learning resources

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