Ghost is a full stack professional publishing platform. It offers full-featured subscription commerce features such as membership management, payment collection, personalisation, user analytics, etc.

A brief overview of Ghost

Ghost is a non-profit organization building open source technology for journalism. It is specifically designed to publish the content in an online medium. The most powerful thing about Ghost is it's an all in one platform - it allows membership and subscription management and gated access to content. You get to build a website, publish posts, send newsletters, grow an audience, sell premium subscriptions, and create a sustainable business around your creative work. Furthermore, you own all of the data that you put on Ghost, whether hosted with it or elsewhere. All content can be exported at any time, without any notice.

Reasons to consider Ghost in your no-code stack

  • Ghost is censorship-free open software that actively promotes freedom of speech. They deliberately do not have control over user content.
  • With detailed stats on audience engagement and business growth, see what's working at a glance, and get recommendations for where to go next.
  • Ghost makes it easy, with native signup forms that work on any site.
  • You can import content into Ghost, like WordPress, Tumblr, Medium, Jekyll and many more.

What can you accomplish with Ghost?

  • Ghost gives creators tools to launch their own subscription business.
  • Ghost is a complete platform to run an independent media business, whether you're just getting started as a creator, or scaling to millions of dollars a year in recurring revenue.
  • If you are a struggling writer, you can take maximum benefits from Ghost. It will provide you with a familiar editor and a terrific interface to manage your content.

Top features of Ghost

  • An extensible rich editor
  • Flexible content management
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Enterprise cloud to manage storage and sync of data
  • Automatic backups

Pricing plans

  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Starter: $9 per month
  • Creator: $25 per month
  • Team: $50 per month
  • Business: $199 per month

Learning resources

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