Super turns your Notion pages into fast, functional websites with custom domains, fonts, analytics, and more

A brief overview of Super

Super Software is a no-code platform for building interactive websites within minutes. The software tool is helpful in offering tool-specific templates and adding a custom domain (or even a subdomain) to any of the Notion pages. Without any code, Super helps in the creation of custom domains, themes, password-protection, and much more. Super integrates effectively with Calendly, MailChimp, Intercom, and others. Moreover, the software is well-suited for small businesses and individual professionals.

Reasons to consider Super in your no-code stack

  • Managing Site with a Known Tool: You are already aware of Notion for its all its features. With Super, it becomes super simple to manage the entire site.
  • Automatically Optimized for Modern Web: Super has been created on the best web technologies out there. Therefore, it is SEO-friendly, fast, and functional to use.
  • Powering Up Websites with Third-party Tools: Super site can be extended with the help of payments, live chats, analytics, and so more. You can power up your site with access to multiple third-party tools.

What can you accomplish with Super?

  • Drag-and-drop Page Builder: With Super, you can easily create attractive landing pages directly in Notion. You can make use of the drag-and-drop feature and even apply custom themes. You can get the site up & running within minutes.
  • Access to Advanced Components: The builder offers access to over 50 advanced components in diverse categories for use towards building a functional landing page. All elements on the given page are within the component library.
  • Utilization of Custom Themes: You can apply a custom theme once you have designed the page. The themes are not traditional themes. They are style blocks that will not affect the layout of your page.

Top features of Super

  • Custom domains
  • Powerful integrations
  • Automatic SSL
  • Custom themes
  • Fully responsive
  • Great SEO

Pricing plans

  • Site plan: $12 per website per month

Learning resources

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