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A brief overview of Bondlayer

Bondlayer is a no-code website building tool that combines the operations of creating as well as publishing both native mobile apps and websites with the help of a single platform. With Bondlayer, you can come across distinct layout editors. However, there is the presence of a single custom CMS. The tool is famous for its out-of-the-box range of features for the ease of designing a website from scratch. It is also possible to publish the website upon creating it with some fee.

Reasons to consider Bondlayer in your no-code stack

  • No-code Website Development: Bondlayer is regarded as the only no-code tool required for creating multilingual websites. With this no-code website development tool, it is also possible to build native mobile-based apps.
  • Distinct Layout Editors: With Bondlayer, it is possible to easily design, build, and update the mobile-based apps as well as websites without any requirement of coding. There is the presence of a single shared CMS to enhance mobile app development.
  • Optimized Designs for All Devices: With Bondlayer, you can create a fully responsive website capable of adapting to different breakpoints as required by the website layout. Breakpoints are dedicated points at which design gets adjusted. This allows visitors to go through the best possible version of the website -from any device.

What can you accomplish with Bondlayer?

  • Real-time Pagination: Bondlayer offers access to a dynamic multifilter featuring multi-reference search content, sort, and fields. Allow your audience to combine different types of filters within a single website or app. Bondlayer also ensures the ease of automatic pagination when the list will go beyond a specific number of items.
  • Website & App Localization: With Bondlayer, you can add new languages as per the requirement. It is also possible to localize the layouts accordingly while managing your content within a single CMS. You can also add markups while making the same accessible.
  • Smart Interface: Bondlayer allows you to control the alignment of elements in a box in a manner you like only with a few simple clicks. It is also possible to solve complex layout problems with this simple tool.

Top features of Bondlayer

  • Website design without coding
  • Real-time filters
  • Adaptive and responsive images
  • Full flexibility
  • Customizable style guide

Pricing plans

  • Basic: 10€ per month
  • Small: 25€ per month
  • Business: 45€ per month
  • Enterprise: 115€ per month

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