A leading web design platform for Web Pros, Digital Agencies, SaaS Platforms, Hosts & Publishers that offer web design services to small businesses

A brief overview of Duda

Duda is one of the leading web design platforms for all agencies and creators that offer web design services to small businesses. The platform serves clients of all sizes, ranging from freelance web professionals and digital agencies to some of the world's largest hosting companies, SaaS platforms and online publishers. With Duda, you can build design-forward sites and sales-ready stores at breakneck speed. Not to mention, your creativity would not be compromised at any cost. The platform has a strong team and customer management tools for you to enable a feature-rich and responsive website. You can now choose your approach, be it no-code or through JavaScript, CSS, HTML and APIs.

Reasons to consider Duda in your no-code stack

  • Create, manage and organize all your projects in one place. You stand to save a lot of time and money by avoiding moving between platforms and subscribing to multiple tools.
  • You can duplicate a site with just a click. Thus, let's create templates and scale your services.
  • You can build your library of widgets, templates and sections.
  • With Duda, you get to assign permissions to divide and conquer. For example, an admin has multi-user access, a blogger can just write or edit but has no control over the main website.

What can you accomplish with Duda?

  • With Duda, you can build a website while spending one-third of the time as compared to WordPress.
  • If you are a dentist, you can build up a website to reach more audiences and elaborate the services you offer.
  • As a pet shop owner, you can post blogs about how to take care of your furry friends. Also, you can buildup a marketplace where you can sell your products virtually.

Top features of Duda

  • Web Design with Premium templates
  • Mobile website Creation & Optimization
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Client Management Platform
  • Integration of client’s SaaS platform
  • Widgets creation

Pricing plans

  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Basic: $14 per month
  • Team: $22 per month
  • Agency: $44 per month
  • Custom: Create your plan

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