Candu is the first UI editor for enterprise applications that allows teams to design, refine, and personalize onboarding experiences without coding, all while offering a seamless product experience.

A brief overview of Candu

Growth, UX, product, and customer-centric teams make use of Candu for building seamless UX. Candu partners with software teams to help them build as well as regularly update content for the end-users. Candu allows project managers and customer managers to design beautiful UI and engaging UX without the involvement of any code. Candu enables developers and businesses to launch their own UI components without coding. It is a no-code tool that saves you the time of typing lengthy codes to launch the UI component for your business. use its drag, drop, and done system to design UI and UX efficiently.

Reasons to consider Candu in your no-code stack

  • Customer Engagement: With Candu, you can invite customers to the product with welcome messages. New users can get tailor-made messaging for a personal touch.
  • Flexible Layouts: You can extend beyond the capabilities of CMS with the help of flexible layouts and components –right from buttons to checklists, cards, and much more.
  • Improved Onboarding: You can empower customers to set up individual accounts with in-app checklists for keeping them on track. With easier onboarding, customers receive value faster.
  • Saving Time: With the no-code rule of the platform, developers can focus on other tasks.

What can you accomplish with Candu?

  • Creation of User Experiences with Own UI Components: Without any coding, you can now kickstart the UI design with the help of a simple template. 
  • Easy-to-build Components for User Onboarding: You can look forward to creating user onboarding experiences seamlessly with interactive components.
  • Driving Feature Adoption: Create interactive features that your customers require with the no-code principle of the tool.
  • DIY Support Services for Excellent Customer Experiences: You can offer personalized self-support capabilities to the users to improve customer services.

Top features of Candu

  • Access and version control
  • Drag and drop
  • Debugging
  • Extension programming
  • Integrations, workflows and testing management
  • Application templates

Pricing plans

  • Start: $49 per month
  • Personal: Free
  • Enterprise: Custom

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