Universe is the easiest way to make a website. Choose a custom domain, build your site, and share it in less than a minute—all on your iPhone, for free.

A brief overview of Universe

Universe is an extremely simple and convenient platform for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and hustlers to create a business, blog, portfolio, and e-commerce store website - all from your mobile device! It helps you to set up your shop in minutes. This further makes it easy to sell your products and manage your inventory with simple tools that work right out of the box. You can drag and drop components to create a website. Integrate with apple pay and other credit card payments with minimal effort. Finally, publish your website and gain online exposure.

Reasons to consider Universe in your no-code stack

  • Universe helps you to get your business off the ground, start selling online, and share it with everyone all within your mobile.
  • Universe includes site analytics, custom domain and email support, mailing list features, and so much more to help you grow online.
  • It provides you with a host of services to build, deploy, monitor, and market your website.

What can you accomplish with Universe?

  • With Universe, you get total control of your online store with product and inventory management tools that just work perfectly.
  • As a creator, you get to explore a whole new world where you can publish your content, build a community of like-minded people, socialise, start a digital magazine, showcase your artwork and much more.
  • For your business, you can create an online store. Like creating an online bakery and selling your specialities, you can start a herbal or organic store, accessories and beauty products and anything that excites you.

Top features of Universe

  • Custom domain and email
  • Credit card and Apple Pay payment Integration
  • Easily sell products with integrated inventory and order management tools
  • Build and grow an email list with email marketing tools
  • Purchase and print shipping labels at the best rates
  • Content Creation in Instagram and Youtube with plug and play integrations
  • Online accounts connection with support for over 25+ services
  • Website traffic measurement with simple analytics

Pricing plans

  • Starter: Free
  • Pro: $24.99 per month

Learning resources

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