Sparkle is a modern visual website design tool for everybody

A brief overview of Sparkle

Sparkle is the all-new, no-code website builder for Mac websites. The platform is setting new standards in the field of website and application development. Sparkle serves to be the one-stop Mac website builder with its meaningful set of features. With other tools, updating websites can be challenging. However, with Sparkle, it is possible to build and update websites even when you do not have any technical knowledge or expertise. Sparkle features built-in tools for including payment buttons and shopping carts from famous commerce providers out there.

Reasons to consider Sparkle in your no-code stack

  • Unique Website Builder: Sparkle is the ultimate Mac website builder unlike other tools available out there. With the introduction of Sparkle, it becomes a seamless task to design feature-rich Mac websites.
  • Improved Website Visibility: Sparkle comes with a built-in SEO Assistant tool. To use the same, there is no requirement of any special knowledge to make your site visible. Sparkle also features effective coding to deliver optimum results.
  • Ease of Making Money: Do you wish to monetize your Mac website? Sparkle features built-in tools for adding specifications like shopping carts and payment buttons. There are also features for appointment booking, property, and table booking. You can include all these features within minutes on the website.

What can you accomplish with Sparkle?

  • Faster Website: Sparkle sites are known to average 1.3 seconds for showing content in comparison to 3.9 seconds for WordPress. Sparkle websites for Mac are fast and even offer inexpensive web hosting. 
  • Money-saving: WordPress might be free, but it comes with specific hidden costs. On the other hand, Sparkle is not free. However, it offers everything your Mac website will need built-in.
  • Secure Website: There is no denying the fact that WordPress is not very secure. For advanced security, you are expected to purchase plug-ins in WordPress. On the other hand, with Sparkle, all features and functionalities are available built-in –even security features.

Top features of Sparkle

  • Online store builder
  • Pre-built templates
  • Auto update
  • Real-time editing
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • SEO

Pricing plans

  • Subscription: €6.33 per month
  • One-time purchase: €129.99

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