Bloggi is a simple, flexible, affordable, and reliable solution to enable creators to focus on writing and not worry about complicated blogging platform operations

A brief overview of Bloggi

Bloggi is arguably the easiest-to-use platform for sharing information on the internet. It doesn’t offer an array of fancy features but offers only a few that are absolutely necessary. Hernán, the creator of Bloggi, puts ‘simplicity’ at the core of everything that goes into building Bloggi. The best part is that you own your content and readers 100% because Bloggi lets you host on your own domain and have full control over the mailing list. Also, you have an option to move in and move out of the platform as you please.

Reasons to consider Bloggi in your no-code stack

  • Nothing will ever come between you and your readers. With Bloggi, you own your content completely and you can publish your work on your own domain.
  • Integrate with other tools in a few simple clicks - your favourite analytics or newsletter services, etc.
  • Bloggi is easy to use with tons of keyboard shortcuts.
  • You can export the data of all of your content (posts, pages, and tags) as a JSON file with just a click.
  • It has a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor.

What can you accomplish with Bloggi?

  • You get a personal yet professional looking blog on Bloggi.
  • Bloggi provides you with the most minimalist blogging platform which is nothing but an outlet for your thoughts in a presentable manner.
  • If you are a writer who is struggling to build an author profile, Bloggi would be the best way to do that. Without any extra effort, you can publish your articles in your favourite niche and showcase them to your clients.

Top features of Bloggi

  • Easy to use and publish content
  • Unlimited Posts
  • Colour customization
  • Free Branding (Subscription)
  • Publish on bloggers own domain (Subscription)
  • Code Injection (Subscription)

Pricing plans

  • Free Trial: 7 Days
  • Pro Plan: $9 per month

Learning resources

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