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A brief overview of Gridbox

Gridbox serves to be a powerful no-code tool for website designers and developers. It can also be used by web design agencies to come up with production-ready web apps or static website prototypes quickly. It is regarded as a reliable web page builder that comes with a built-in code editor for the creation of landing pages, product pages, portfolios, JAM STACK apps, and so more.

With Gridbox, it is possible to come up with templates from a wide number of Bootstrap components that are typically grouped into different categories -like layouts, navigations, tables, cards, headers, web app widgets, and so more.

Reasons to consider Gridbox in your no-code stack

  • HTML Landing Page Builder: Gridbox is available as a free HTML landing page builder with the presence of a drag and drop editor. Designers and developers can look forward to designing bespoke websites without any technical knowledge or coding expertise.
  • Code-free Editor: One of the most striking features of Gridbox is that you can create websites without any requirement of coding. It is possible to create a single-page website or a dedicated landing page without writing a single line of code.
  • Multiple Templates: With Gridbox, it is possible to edit a single-page website template for anything -right from a landing page, sales, portfolio, lead generation, or an e-commerce page.

What can you accomplish with Gridbox?

  • Creation of Highly Engaging Content: With Gridbox, it is possible to create highly engaging content. It is achieved by embedding videos from Vimeo and YouTube.
  • Creation of Interesting Web Pages: Gridbox provides access to a myriad of beautiful and free images offered by It features the most creative community of photographers in the world.
  • Custom HTML/CSS: Gridbox allows you to seamlessly extend the functionality of your site by editing custom-made HTML or CSS and even JavaScript.
  • Limitless styling: With Gridbox, it is possible to style any prebuilt components or blocks seamlessly with the help of appearance panel. It is available with independent styles and ample flexibility. You get access to multiple colors, fonts, and interesting styles.

Top features of Gridbox

  • One-page website templates
  • Flexible design
  • Real-time preview
  • Customization of metadata for improved SEO
  • Presence of inspect panel

Pricing plans

  • Starter: Free
  • Pro Plus: ₹800 per month

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