Potion.so is a no-code website builder that empowers you to create custom websites on Notion within minutes

A brief overview of Potion

Potion is a no-code custom website creator that allows you to create interactive websites on Notion. Potion helps in generating a fast website with custom styles, domains, and impressive SEO. Potion also generates user-friendly URLs along with preview images automatically from the page titles. The overall platform is simple to use and interactive for the ease of creating feature-rich websites. As users create content on Notion, Potion converts the same into a speedy website with top-performing Search Engine Optimization.

Reasons to consider Potion in your no-code stack

  • Great for Multiple Websites: If you are capable of building a site on Notion, you can develop the same on Potion –with advanced functionalities. Potion is a great custom website builder that allows sharing of content and data seamlessly.
  • Ease of Integrations: The best part about Potion is that it can be easily integrated into multiple websites or applications on the go. The integrations allow for the development of high-end websites with robust features.
  • Live Website in No Time: As you ensure the necessary content changes to the existing website with the help of Potion, it will start appearing on your live website instantly. Therefore, you can ensure real-time changes and edits to your website effortlessly.
  • No-code, No Installation: Potion is a no-code website builder that helps you design interactive websites without any prior technical knowledge. With this tool, there is no requirement of installation of the tool setup.

What can you accomplish with Potion?

  • Access to Custom Domains: With Potion, it is possible to convert your existing web pages to a website that is publicly-accessible and completely yours. It is achieved with the creation of custom domains to truly control by yourself.
  • Interactions with the Live Editor: The interactive dashboard of Potion allows you to ensure simply style changes. Using this live dashboard, you can easily change the background, fonts, and text colours to the website.
  • Access to Custom Styles: Using Potion, you can include your own fonts and CSS with the help of snippet injection. Moreover, it is also possible to alter the default Notion-like styles to the website.
  • Automatic Generation of Preview Images: With Potion, you can create unique preview images for your site. The dashboard obtains the same automatically from the cover image and page title.

Top features of Potion

  • Generation of password-protected sites
  • Impressive SEO
  • Development of fast websites
  • No page limits
  • More focus on content of the website

Pricing plans

  • 1 site: $10 per month
  • Up to 3 sites: $25 per month
  • Up to 8 sites: $50 per month

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