Notiondesk turns your Notion documents into a fully customizable, SEO-friendly help center in minutes.

A brief overview of Notiondesk

Notiondesk simplifies the process of creating a customer help center by leveraging your existing Notion documents. With just a few clicks, you can transform your Notion content into a fully searchable, SEO-friendly help center that integrates seamlessly with your website. This platform is ideal for businesses who want a straightforward way to provide valuable support information to their customers without the fuss of setting up complex systems. It comes with essential features like multilingual support, custom domains, and third-party integrations.

Reasons to consider Notiondesk in your no-code stack

  • Ease of Use: Notiondesk leverages Notion's intuitive interface, enabling you to create a fully operational help center without technical hurdles.
  • SEO Optimization: Built with SEO best practices, Notiondesk ensures that your help center gets the visibility it deserves in search engines.
  • Brand Consistency: Offering custom domains and SSL, you can align the help center closely with your brand for better customer recognition.
  • Multi-Platform Integration: Integrate with other essential tools you're already using, enhancing your help center's functionality and data accessibility.
  • Multilingual Support: Serve a global audience effectively by providing a help center in multiple languages.

What can you accomplish with Notiondesk?

  • Help Centers: Easily convert your existing Notion documentation into a comprehensive, searchable help center.
  • Knowledge Bases: Create organized, easy-to-navigate knowledge bases to assist your team and customers.
  • SEO-Boosted Content: Utilize SEO-friendly architecture to increase the visibility of your FAQs, articles, or any help-related content.
  • Customer Segmentation: Offer different access levels or entirely private help centers to cater to specific customer groups.
  • Automated Support: With seamless integrations, you can easily connect your help center to chatbots or support tickets, offering a 24/7 automated support experience.

Top features of Notiondesk

  • Multilingual Support
  • Custom Domain/SSL
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Extensive Customization Options
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Private Help Center Support

Pricing plans

  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Starter Plan: $19 per month
  • Pro Plan: $49 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: $99 per month

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