Tidio combines live chat and chatbot tools to help you provide superb customer service and generate more sales

A brief overview of Tidio

Tidio is an all-in-one, powerful customer service platform that helps in escalating customer support while generating more sales for businesses. Tidio features a live chat widget that is easily accessible and available round-the-clock. Moreover, the presence of AI-powered chatbots in the Tidio platform helps in engaging the end customers in real time. This allows businesses to sell more. Currently, more than 300,000 websites are making use of Tidio.

Tidio has already featured on leading platforms like Fox News and Forbes. The solutions offered by the platform are entirely focused on websites. With its chatbot capability, it is also possible to place the feature on Facebook Messenger.

Reasons to consider Tidio in your no-code stack

  • Interactive user Interface: As soon as you will set up an account with Tidio, you will be guided with a step-by-step instruction. As you advance to the dashboard of the platform, you will come across a series of steps to help you with using the platform interactively. 
  • Interactive chatbot elements: Tidio features a number of intuitive chatbot elements to be used in the respective chat flows. Some of the elements you can come across are delays, images, gallery, emojis, quick replies, buttons, free text input, and phone number validation. 
  • Comprehensive Overview of the Users: With Tidio, you can go through the entire overview of the users that have made interactions with the chatbot. Moreover, it is also possible to go through the chat of the users while getting relevant user information on the dashboard.

What can you accomplish with Tidio?

  • Ease of Messaging: Tidio is primarily focused on websites. Therefore, it is not possible to send broadcasts and sequences. However, you can make use of specific conditions on the chatbot flows having several characteristics. Moreover, you can also ensure communication with the chatbot in different languages. 
  • AI and NLP Capabilities: Tidio offers the features of keyword recognition while gathering the intent of the end users. Based on the available inputs, AI of the interactive chatbot at Tidio will create the right responses. 
  • Accessibility to Multiple Channels: With Tidio, you are given the opportunity to put the chatbot on your website directly. You can also put the same on Facebook Messenger. It is also possible to automatically send emails to Tidio.

Top features of Tidio

  • Pop-up chat
  • In-app messaging
  • Targeted emails
  • Lead development
  • Knowledge base
  • Conversation archiving

Pricing plans

  • Free
  • Starter: $39 per month
  • Team: $79 per month
  • Scale: $399 per month

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