With Formlets, you can create aesthetically appealing, powerful online forms to collect user data in your mailbox or XLS, and also seamlessly integrate with 2000+ platforms

A brief overview of Formlets

Formlets is an intelligent tool used to create forms, surveys, and many others to collect data from the mailbox. It helps to build beautiful & conversational forms, surveys, quizzes, shopping carts, and more in a very short period. Ranging from beautiful contact forms to engaging job application forms; you can make the web a little more human today with type form. Also, it allows the users to collect submissions for any existing forms or new forms they create outside of Formlets and have all their submissions stored in the same place.

Reasons to consider Formlets in your no-code stack

  • The form builder has innumerable features to ease the process of filling out a form for your users. For example, auto-completion, calculator, conditional display, e-signatures and many more.
  • You can create a form flawlessly using its impeccable features like drag and drop form designer, form templates, multi-page forms and multi-column forms.
  • You can automatically send email notifications when someone signs up or uses your form.

What can you accomplish with Formlets?

  • You get responsive forms that are practical and look good on your smartphone, tablet and computer.
  • With Formlets, you can be on an excellent hiring spree. It allows you to collect data where the user has to follow the preset conditions like minimum and maximum file size, multiple file upload, set a specific condition for regular expressions and giving the users an option to upload and attach large file sizes up to 2gb.

Top features of Formlets

  • Pre-designed Form template for multiple-page form
  • Multiple column form for easy collection of information
  • Custom themes for multiple forms
  • Multiple file uploads in a single form

Pricing plans

  • Personal: Free
  • Small Business: $24 per month
  • Professional: $48 per month
  • Agency: $260 per month

Learning resources

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