Jetboost is an add-on tool for Webflow CMS to add functionalities like real-time search, dynamic filtering, and more, without writing code
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JetBoost is a no-code, easy-to-use solutions targeted for Webflow CMS websites for offering real-time search as well as dynamic filters. The visual editor of the platform makes it easier to include powerful features to the site. The exclusive add-on allows you to make real-time search, filterable lists, liking, favouriting, and so more. JetBoost works with any Webflow website – irrespective of how it is designed.

Why this tool

  • No Coding Required: JetBoost allows dynamic filtering and real-time search, and much more for Webflow sites without the requirement of any coding. Earlier, without JetBoost, you were required to hire a developer or write the code on your own for having the given functionalities on site.
  • On-page, Real-time Search: Your customers should have the overall ease of searching the content. With JetBoost, it is possible to search items directly on the page –in real-time. JetBoost works with paginated lists to ensure the same.
  • Dynamic Filters for a Hassle-free Experience: You make use of Webflow for ensuring hassle-free code. You can now include dynamic filters without even coding them. The Dynamic Filter Booster feature by JetBoost allows you to set it up in minutes.
  • Effortless Step-by-step Setup: There is no need to spend hours in debugging the code you came across on the web. With the innovative Visual Editor tool of JetBoost, it is easier to include powerful features to your site –without even coding.

What you can accomplish with this tool

  • CMS Items Booster: It is now possible to include favouriting to the site. With no complicated logic to set up, there are no errors you need to worry about. It also automatically integrates with Outseta, MemberSpace, and MemberStack.
  • On-page Dynamic Sorting: JetBoost offers access to the simplest way to include dynamic sorting to the Webflow websites. There is no requirement of JavaScript knowledge. With its Live Demo features, it becomes possible to including dynamic sorting to real estate listings, job boards, e-commerce stores, resource directories, and so more.
  • Advanced Pagination: Within minutes, it is possible to paginate Webflow collection lists without the need of page refreshes. The tool also allows you to make use of multiple pagination styles.

Tool Features

  • No-code real-time search
  • Cloud, SaaS, and web-based solution
  • Automatic removal of expired items
  • Dynamic sorting


  •   All-in-one Bundle: $29 per month
  •   Dynamic CMS Essentials Bundle: $19 per month

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