Ideta helps companies build their own chatbots, voicebots or callbots, by providing them with a powerful no-code software

A brief overview of Ideta

Ideta is a no-code, cloud-based, AI-powered conversational platform helping enterprises develop innovative AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbots. With its capabilities, businesses are able to enhance the overall user engagement with the brand. Ideta allows developers to create different conversations or test scenarios for previewing bot performance before deployment. Ideta also helps in facilitating integration with multiple third-party applications including Facebook Messenger, Slack, Zendesk Sunshine, and so more. It also allows its users to analyze the overall business performance through actionable analytics while processing digital payments through Stripe integration.

Reasons to consider Ideta in your no-code stack

  • Creation of scenarios easily: With Ideta, it is possible to easily develop multiple scenarios without any requirement of coding. You can simply create bubbles while linking them to each other.
  • Easy training of AI: Ideta has come forth with a special interface for making the overall implementation of AI (Artificial Intelligence) seamless. You can easily export the project to several NLP providers of your choice.
  • Ease of Connection to Any Internal or External Tool: It is great to understand the specific needs of the customer. Moreover, it is also great to automatically take action through internal or external linking with Ideta.
  • Serving future companies: Ideta is committed to serving companies that wish to leverage conversational AI without any hassle. The use cases here are quite varied –from marketing to HR to IT.

What can you accomplish with Ideta?

  • NLP Functionality: You can make use of the NLP (Natural Language Processing) capability of the platform for extracting data from written speech or text while identifying the intent of the queries of customers.
  • Storage of Client Interactions: Managers can look forward to storing messages and interactions with the clients in a centralized database for future references.
  • SSO Capabilities: Ideta enables businesses to manage the overall user authentication through SSO or Single Sign-on capability for minimizing unauthorized data breaches.
  • Access to Dialogflow: Dialogflow is the NLP platform by Ideta. It is an easy-to-use feature and has a clean interface. Once you have accessed it, you can think of linking and launching the brand-new chatbot anywhere you like.

Top features of Ideta

  • Intent & speech recognition
  • Multi-channel communication
  • Customizable branding
  • Code-free development
  • Geotargeting
  • Contextual guidance

Pricing plans

  • Free
  • Starter: €19 per month
  • Starter AI: €59 per month
  • Professional: €299 per month

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