Framer is an all-in-one tool that helps teams design every part of the product experience.

A brief overview of Framer

Framer is a mobile-based, no-code prototyping tool that helps designers in drawing, building layouts, incorporating components, and creating interactive designs. With Framer, designers are able to design real-time websites and layouts within minutes and publish the same effectively. All of the functionalities are executed with top speed. With its no-code policy, Framer ensures the ease of designing interactive websites and layouts without any complicated workflows. It is immensely simple to create a dedicated web page with the help of easy-to-use features of Framer.

Reasons to consider Framer in your no-code stack

  • Ease of Designing and Publishing: With Framer, all you are expected to do is to simply design and publish within minutes. There is no more requirement of developing your design –right from the scratch. With Framer, you can easily put everything to the canvas directly and make the design ready to be published to the web. 
  • Simplification of Stack: With Framer, there are no dependencies on front-end services. Moreover, there is no more involvement of tickets for engaging engineers. Once your design is ready with Framer, you can simple click on publish. This allows your design or web page to become live within seconds. 
  • Ease of Documentation: As you have your components in Framer, it becomes easier to build rich documents around the same. You can look forward to saving time and money on integrating with some extra app or service.

What can you accomplish with Framer?

  • Analytics for Developers: Framer allows you to make use of the powerful software suite for powering your data. It offers access to different types of analytical reports including activity report, funnel report, revenue report, and retention report.
  • Simple Portfolio: with Framer, you can publish a number of interactive components in the form of Framer packages. It is a major benefit for professional designers.
  • Amazing Integrations: With Framer, it is possible to grow your business, reach out to new audience, and hit the desired goals with all the integrations. There is the capability of dragging and dropping for the ease of coming up with interactive designs. You can also customize the designs with effective integrations.

Top features of Framer

  • Collaboration tools
  • Prototype creation
  • Mockup creation
  • Data linking
  • Presentation tools
  • Wireframe creation

Pricing plans

  • Free
  • Pro: $25 per editor/month
  • Enterprise: custom

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