SnatchBot is an Intelligent Virtual Assistant Platform with Robotic Process Automation

A brief overview of SnatchBot

SnatchBot is a chatbot builder platform that helps in adding multi-channel support and messaging capability to any system. SnatchBot is a no-code platform that allows businesses to come up with instant messaging capabilities through interactive chatbots without any requirement of technical skills. SnatchBot offers access to an innovative platform that is designed towards streamlining business communications and workflows with the help of a single message-based interface.

The omni-channel platform of SnatchBot allows users to specify the particular channels through which they would like to make the connection. The tools offered by the company offer relevant support throughout the entire lifecycle of the bot.

Reasons to consider SnatchBot in your no-code stack

  • Access to the Bot Shop: SnatchBot features a dedicated online store featuring readymade bots and templates. The catalog features multiple different bots. There is the presence of convenient searching option along with multiple categories. Moreover, there is also a dedicated choice for the respective bot language.
  • Newsletter: In the given section, you are allowed to create mailings for users of the chatbots. You are given the freedom to choose exactly who is expected to send the message and at what time. It helps in streamlining the entire message cycle.
  • Access to Inbox: SnatchBot features a built-in messenger for displaying the entire history of the correspondence of the bot with the end users. It even includes history in real time. All conversations can be easily archived, deleted, and even exported.

What can you accomplish with SnatchBot?

  • Ease of Bot Management: Effective bot management with SnatchBot can be implemented in simple ways. These include settings, channels, persistent menu, and editing. Plugins or interactions for bot management are added on the left side of the editor.
  • Automation flows: It is regarded as the analogue of the IFTTT and Zapier tools. With automation flows in SnatchBot, you can configure different interactions with multiple online services to automate actions between them.
  • Dedicated Reports: You can access detailed reports on every sent and received messages. It will include the archived messages as well. With the help of interactive filters, you can easily collect all messages from a particular channel for the estimated period while uploading its copy for analysis.
  • Extensive Support: The Builder Platform of SnatchBot allows businesses to publish chatbots to web apps, mobile devices, and chat services.

Top features of SnatchBot

  • Premium interactions
  • Await response or live chat
  • Logic operations
  • Custom variables
  • Broadcasting
  • Extraction type interactions

Pricing plans

  • Free
  • Pro $30 per month: 10,000 messages
  • Pro $75 per month: 25,000 messages
  • Pro $149 per month: 50,000 messages
  • Pro $199 per month: 75,000 messages
  • Pro $249 per month: 100,000 messages
  • Pro $449 per month: 250,000 messages
  • Pro $749 per month: 500,000 messages
  • Pro $999 per month: 1,000,000 messages
  • Enterprise: custom

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