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Maker is a platform that helps eCommerce businesses drive sales by creating engaging, personalized site experiences in minutes. It gives you an option to either start from scratch or use a large library of professionally designed, fully-editable templates (more than 1400) and components crafted to perfection. To get inspiration and ideas, you can go through the showcase section of the website and explore the already designed content. After designing, Marker allows you to see what's working by testing limitless variants that you can create without any code with the help of integrated Google analytics. Furthermore, you can personalize pages to increase conversion & revenue.

Why this tool

  • Marker makes the magic happen as your Photoshop, Sketch or Figma files turn into a webpage and go live on your online store.
  • It lets you play with design, content and media to tell your product and brand stories your way which in turn boosts your sales.
  • You can combine Live streams or video on demand with commerce. This helps you to engage and convert more by easily unlocking the power of video.

What you can accomplish with this tool

  • You get to create a stunning homepage that builds brand confidence while enabling relevant product discovery.
  • You can elevate your product pages with rich storytelling. For instance, you can elaborate on how you came up with the idea of selling a particular product and what makes it different from the rest.
  • If you have an online marketplace, you can enrich your collection pages with beautiful layouts, rich category descriptions and content.

Tool Features

  • Design, collaborate, prototype and deliver
  • Convert your Sketch and PSD files to web
  • Responsive, blazing-fast page performance
  • Engage more and sell better


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Learning Resources

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