Flow XO

Flow XO is a powerful automation product that allows you to quickly and simply build incredible chatbots

A brief overview of Flow XO

Flow XO is a powerful automation product that allows you to quickly and simply build incredible AI chatbot solutions. This helps you to communicate and engage with your customers across a wide range of sites, applications and social media platforms. You can get started with Flow XO with any app as it contains a wide range of connections to existing platforms from which it can share and extract data. There are more than 100 integrations to choose from, so you don't have to spend money building an integrated solution. All in all Flow XO puts the tools in your hands to create a chatbot with all the necessary features you need to communicate effectively with your customers.

Reasons to consider Flow XO in your no-code stack

  • At any stage in the automated chat, a workflow can be activated to perform a variety of tasks related to the conversation.
  • You can accept payments via chatbots.
  • It provides your clients with light-hearted entertainment. For example, why not tell a joke, provide funny tips or light-hearted commentary on the latest news?
  • Chatbots are excellent for initial interaction with your customers - capturing data, providing basic information and answering questions. But sometimes, we need to talk to a human - that’s why Flow XO for Chat allows any chatbot to hand over the complete conversation to a human agent.

What can you accomplish with Flow XO?

  • Flow XO provides you with a virtual welcome mat to your business. Chatbots can provide a friendly greeting then can serve as a guide to the site, helping customers find the information they need much more efficiently.
  • It allows your customers to engage across every platform seamlessly. For example, their first conversation may be via a web bot on your website, but as the dialogue continues they might want to use Facebook Messenger on their mobile device.

Top features of Flow XO

  • Provides a virtual welcome mat to your business
  • Hand over conversations to a human on live chat
  • Answers simple questions regarding the business
  • Gathers information through AI-based Chatbots.
  • Accepts payments via your chatbot
  • Provides light-hearted entertainment

Pricing plans

  • Starter: Free
  • Standard: $19 per month + usage based add ons

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