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A brief overview of

MobileMonkey is the world’s leading Omni-chat platform that allows businesses to connect with end customers in real-time with the help of SMS, web chat, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. MobileMonkey is also a dedicated chatbot platform for the creation of chatbots on Facebook Messenger, SMS, websites, and Instagram. The platform allows administrators to connect with leads, execute drip campaigns, share links, schedule messages, and gain improved visibility throughout audience engagement analytics.

The platform also enables businesses to ensure automated follow-up along with lead routing processes for streamlining customer care operations. MobileMonkey comes with immense functionalities to support a wide number of advanced features for businesses across all industry verticals.

Reasons to consider in your no-code stack

  • Interactive User Interface: As you will log into the dashboard of MobileMonkey, you will receive an overview of the main analytics periodically. You can also get access to proper guides to help you with the platform. The dashboard offers the ease of creating chatbots on your own. It is also possible to preview the chatbot while testing it before making it go live. 
  • Access to SMS messages: MobileMonkey helps businesses in sending out personalized SMS marketing messages along with detailed surveys. This will allow businesses to enhance the overall reach while improving customer communication. Businesses can launch their own SMS chatbot with the platform. 
  • Unified Inbox by MobileMonkey: MobileMonkey features a unified inbox for gathering all messages and allowing support consultants to ensure that the entire scope of communication is centered in a single window. It will ensure quick answers as well as the best quality of communication throughout.

What can you accomplish with

  • Integrations: Data out of MobileMonkey can be easily integrated into various apps. It helps in making the overall communication smooth and efficient. Amongst various tools, MobileMonkey is known to integrate with Gmail, Google Forms, Mailchimp, Asana, WordPress, and others. The integrations allow MobileMonkey to be a powerful chatbot builder.
  • Interactive Templates: MobileMonkey offers businesses with as many as 23 templates for free. The Team Plan by the platform extends specific business abilities to make use of communication templates by delivering access to the feature of Template Sharing. Chatbot elements and flows can be duplication to ensure a highly optimal chatbot performance.
  • NLP and AI MobileMonkey Chatbot: With the help of advanced technologies, MobileMonkey can analyze messages while grouping them as per relevant keywords.

Top features of

  • Multi-platform chatbot builder
  • Unified chat box
  • Instant communication
  • Customer relationships

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