Algomo platform provides entire paraphernalia to fully manage and automate your customer service in 100+ languages, in less than 10 minutes. Without coding

A brief overview of Algomo

Algomo is a no-code platform for automating and simplifying the customer service in multiple languages. It is a flexible, scalable, and interactive platform for ensuring human-level understanding. The platform offers everything you require for automating and managing the customer service in more than 100 languages in a matter of some minutes. The best part of the tool is that there is no coding required for ensuring automation.

Reasons to consider Algomo in your no-code stack

  • Fluency in Every language: The innovative platform of Algomo is capable of understanding more than 100 languages. It is much more than even Google is capable of translating. If there is any language barrier between you and your customers, Algomo can resolve the same through its AI-powered solutions. With Semantic Understanding, Algomo can identify the meaning of every query while increasing automation levels and ROI.
  • Rapid Setup: Algomo allows you to set up automation within minutes. It is capable of functioning perfectly with the requirement of minimal training data. To top it all, there is no experience or technical knowledge required for its setup. Algomo is available with pre-trained AI for your industry such that you are able to start answering from day one.
  • Code-free Platform: With Algomo, you are eliminated from the stress of code-based bot management. You receive control without the requirement of experienced AI trainers or Data Scientists. Algomo has been designed to allow teams building as well as automating customer service requests by themselves.

What can you accomplish with Algomo?

  • Reporting and Analytics: With Algomo, reporting and analytics are not just about data. The platform also offers you access to tools for coming across the right insights that can help in taking your business to the next level. With advanced analytics, you can understand the customers better and serve them excellently.
  • Live Chat Capabilities: Algomo comes with a built-in Live Chat capability for allowing you to effectively switch between bot and agent whenever there is a requirement. Algomo is capable of learning from every interaction when you have access to live chat capability.

Top features of Algomo

  • Live chat
  • Customer service automation
  • Multiple language proficiency
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Ease of setting up

Pricing plans

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Learning resources

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