Naker helps brands and agencies to create, use and embed 3D versions of their products online, without coding.

A brief overview of Naker

Naker is a web platform that enables you to easily create interactive 3D content for websites. It offers a demo using web flow to create engaging product visuals and a Javascript-based framework for websites to integrate the content. Naker adds interactivity into your content creation workflow with advanced WebGL based technologies to help brands in disrupting the retail and eCommerce space by better visualizations. Not only this, but it also helps brand agencies to reduce the logistics of content creation and be more independent from production studios. Thus if you are looking for a platform to get your e-merchandising to the next level, Naker would be a great fit.

Reasons to consider Naker in your no-code stack

  • Naker helps e-commerce customers to display their products with 2D and 3D visualizations and animations.
  • It lets you increase your conversion rate up to 30% by offering a new e-Commerce experience.
  • You can industrialize your content production at scale by quickly generating your digital content whenever you want. Also, you can save time by avoiding the back-and-forth with several stakeholders.

What can you accomplish with Naker?

  • With the help of virtual photoshoots, you get the absolute freedom to create unlimited lighting and colour variations to better show your products and increase your sales!
  • Using the virtual design feature, you get to enrich your e-commerce and social experience with artistic lifestyle images from thousands of templates.
  • The virtual 3 D visualisation enables you to reduce the gap between physical sales and the online shopping experience.

Top features of Naker

  • 3D modelling of images
  • Animations and transitions
  • JavaScript-based platform for integrations

Pricing plans

  • Starter: €1000 per year
  • Booster: €5000 per year
  • Enterprise: Custom

Learning resources

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