A Do-It-Yourself SaaS platform for marketers to create interactive AR experiences in just 3-Clicks. Requires no coding skills, no AR technical knowledge

A brief overview of Augmania

Augmania is the industry-first patent-pending Software-As-A-Service platform that is built to serve content creators. It allows you to create interactive AR experiences in just 3-Clicks. Above all, it’s a Do-It-Yourself web application that requires no coding skills, no AR technical knowledge or Apps building for the different kinds of devices and operating systems. Finally, Augmania can be your go-to storytelling tool as it does it all. From providing an extensive library of ready-made AR templates to making it possible for you to build campaigns all by yourself, up to publishing it on the most common known web and mobile browsers.

Reasons to consider Augmania in your no-code stack

  • It allows you to build interactive market campaigns, without the use of any apps, that can be shared with the target audience or customers.
  • With just a few clicks you can create and immediately launch engaging and highly interactive experiences.
  • It lets your products speak by themselves, from videos to 3D, add holograms or virtually touchable menus.
  • It supercharges your storytelling, tells it visually, virtually and interactively.

What can you accomplish with Augmania?

  • Your customers get to virtually interact with the 3D designs of accessories, home appliances, etc. that influences their buying decisions, and thus, helps you to improve your sales in a simple, free, and fast manner.
  • You bring your products to life with its easy to use image recognition and let your products do the talking.
  • Your customers can engage online or in-store by augmenting your products virtually.

Top features of Augmania

  • AR Exploration
  • 100% in-browser experience
  • Large gallery of marketing recipes
  • Powerful real-time analytics for a better understanding of your results
  • Interactive storytelling without code

Pricing plans

  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Premium: Various (custom) monthly subscription plans

Learning resources

A few tweets about Augmania from real users

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