CometChat’s in-app communication platform offers Chat Widgets, Chat SDKs, UI Kits & Components to help you build real-time chat features quickly, without coding
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CometChat is a no-code, robust, in-app messaging and Chat API SDK for both web and mobile applications. It instantly integrates with more than 92 platforms. Moreover, the solution is also available with in-built administration, monetization, collaboration, and moderation tools. CometChat is available with a Chat UI kit featuring the fully customizable source code. There are over 50,000 users of the platform. Some of the top use cases of the solution are available from industries like banking, healthcare, dating, gaming, e-commerce, social media, enterprise messaging, and community.

Why this tool

  • In-app Chat for Developers: The in-app communication platform by CometChat delivers a scalable, easy-to-use, and secure solution for driving meaningful user-to-user engagement for the overall growth of your business.
  • Text, video, and Audio Capabilities –All In One: With CometChat, you are able to quickly include one-on-one as well as group chat capability in your app. The chat capability offers access to specialized features like media sharing, read receipts, and so more.
  • All-round Support: The mission of the platform is fuelling the growth of customers. From extension customization to integration, the support team of the platform ensures that you are customer.
  • Access to Virtual Events: Offer your attendees with the help of the real-time chat functionality. The platform takes care of the DevOps with the help of the dynamic auto-scaling platform for ensuring that the events run smoothly –right from start to finish.

What you can accomplish with this tool

  • Access to Advanced UI Kits: The UI kits by CometChat include fully polished User Interface while completing business logic.
  • APIs and SDKs: You can use the APOs and SDKs for building a totally bespoke chat experience. It is the best solution for developers who wish to build a completely customized UI and workflow.
  • Usability of Chat Widgets: You can use the drag-and-drop the code and make it live within minutes. It is the best solution for developers who are looking forward to getting up & running instantly. It is well-suited for PHP, Bootstrap, jQuery, and other technologies.

Tool Features

  • Pop-up chat
  • In-app messaging
  • Targeted emails
  • Lead development
  • Conversation archiving
  • Knowledge base


  • Free
  • Startup: $149 per month (Best for small apps & websites)
  • Growth: $399 per month (Best for live apps & websites)
  • Scale: $749 per month (Best for established apps & websites)
  • Enterprise: Custom (Best for unique requirements that need to scale)

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