Celestory is a tool to create interactive scenario, generate personalized experience and monitor your users paths

A brief overview of Celestory

Celestory is a tool to create interactive scenarios, generate a personalized experience and monitor your user’s paths. You can create a story and design logic of adaptive tool paths in the form of a tree graph. Post creation, you get to configure the actions of your wizard with the coloured block system. The AI of Celestory will detect all sorts of unsuspected identical behaviours among your learners. You can then view your statistics in your Dashboard. Celestory also promises that the data collected belongs to you, is secure, and is not shared.

Reasons to consider Celestory in your no-code stack

  • Celestory lets you create your content and logic with a system of coloured blocks.
  • You can create a database that communicates in real-time with your experience.
  • It lets you support your customers and your teams on all media like Microsoft team, google drive, Trello, Linked In, Twitter, Google calendar and many more.
  • You can boost your engagement and conversion of your audience to five times.

What can you accomplish with Celestory?

  • You get to create virtual assistants with Celestory. They generate qualified leads, personalised interactive video, illustrated customer support, virtual tour, automated uptime check and the list goes on.
  • It lets you create immersive and personalized training. With this, you can make your indicators like satisfaction, know-how, achievement of objectives, badges, etc.
  • The most breathtaking accomplishment could be creating a no-code game. Some examples of which are playing cards, visual novels, escape games, quiz and a lot more.

Top features of Celestory

  • Customize content and design in minutes
  • Share your app on your cloud platform
  • Your users become more engaged and more involved
  • Learn more about your users with AI
  • More than 3000 apps for integrations

Pricing plans

  • Starter: Free
  • Pro: $149 per month
  • Enterprise: $699 per month
  • Business: Custom

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