Paperform is a no-code solution to create beautiful forms, product pages, automate workflows and save time

A brief overview of Paperform

Paperform is a no-code tool that allows you to create forms easily –just like writing a document. With the tool, you can type styled text, embed video, upload pictures, and brand your own form with fonts, colours, and media. Paperform is a fully-featured form builder that is simple to use. It allows you to create forms like landing pages to function effectively on both desktop and mobile devices. In addition to forms, Paperform also allows you to create product and payment pages quickly and intuitively.

Reasons to consider Paperform in your no-code stack

  • More than a Form Builder: The unique form editor tool of Paperform allows you to create forms interactively. You can create attractive online forms, payment, and product pages without any technical knowledge or background.
  • Payment Collection in Seconds: Paperform simplifies the payment process by ensuring payments through Braintree, Square, PayPal Business, and Stripe. With this tool, you can take subscriptions, payments, and donations within minutes.
  • Access to Customized Solutions: You can make use of custom CSS and HTML for ensuring greater flexibility. You can also make use of calculations and logic for taking control.
  • Development of No-code Forms: With Paperform, you can create landing pages, payment pages, digital forms, registration forms, appointments, customer surveys, contact forms, quizzes, quotes, client onboarding forms, and much more without any requirement of coding.

What can you accomplish with Paperform?

  • Smart Form Accessibility: With Paperform, you can define your own logic rules for controlling when pages, questions, success pages, and sections of content should be displayed to the respondents.
  • Bookings and Appointments: It is time to do away with the ongoing emails and schedule appointments easily within the forms. With Paperform, it is possible to take bookings, manage the overall availability, and sync the same with Google Calendar.
  • Paperform Analytics: With this functionality, it is possible to embed forms seamlessly on the website. You can also share the same directly with the help of a custom URL. With Paperform Analytics, you can analyse submission results in the built-in dashboard.

Top features of Paperform

  • Creation of any forms faster
  • Ease of integration with multiple apps
  • Over 130 customizable and responsive templates
  • Conditional logic for improving customer’s experience
  • Simple editor

Pricing plans

  • Essentials: $24 per month
  • Pro: $49 per month
  • Agency: $159+ per month

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