Plush forums is one of the easiest ways to build a great online community

A brief overview of PlushForums

Plush Forums is a user-friendly, polished, no-code collaboration platform for your organization. The platform features high-end specifications like member directory, integrated blog, real-time discussions, private messaging, and so more. The solution is regarded as ideal for ensuring group communications or building a knowledge base. Plush Forums is a cloud-based service that will require no technical expertise or management.

The platform is primarily aimed at large organizations and businesses. The mission of Plush Forum is to serve as the driving force behind highly successful communities in a professional setting. The platform features a clean, polished, and read-to-go design enabling organizations to seamlessly launch a dedicated online community.

Reasons to consider PlushForums in your no-code stack

  • Full of Features: Plush Forums is available as a platform for integrated blog, member directory, private messaging, paid subscriptions, custom profiles, and polished platform for advanced forum features. All of these can be achieved without any technical knowledge. You do not need to install any plugins as well. 
  • Real-time Discussions: With real-time discussions on the platform, you can keep the users engaged and communication flowing. The feature of live notifications implies that you will not miss out a chance to be involved. Moreover, there is also the presence of an intuitive feedback system for promoting positive participation. 
  • Finely Crafted Pages: Every web page is meticulously designed to connect users with the information they are looking for. The result is a dynamic website that appears seamless to navigate and effortless to market.

What can you accomplish with PlushForums?

  • Mobile Experience: You can get access to world-class mobile experience without the requirement of any app to install. Plush Forums appears great and is capable of loading quicky on smartphones without any compromise on features.
  • Vibrant Discussions: With Plush Forums, you can easily think of adding images, polls, tweets, videos, hashtags, smart quotes, rich text, and emojis. All of these features are provided with the easy-to-use editor that is capable of saving every word. Therefore, you will never lose your work.
  • Improved Security: Plush Forums comes with free SSL support along with hourly backups and built-in protection against hackers, spammers, and bots. The hosted forum software is capable of keeping the online community safe and fast.

Top features of PlushForums

  • Membership management
  • Event management
  • Moderation
  • Website management
  • Content management

Pricing plans

  • Small: $49 per month
  • Medium: $75 per month
  • Large: $120 per month

Learning resources

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