Ning is an online social media network platform for people and organizations to create custom social networks

A brief overview of Ning

Ning is a dedicated, no-code solution that offers access to ample expertise and tools for engaging your own community in an integrated and scalable social platform. The dedicated platform allows you to create as well as launch your own social network. The platform was launched on October 2005. Currently, the platform has gained the impetus of being one of the largest SaaS platforms. It is aimed at helping brand-minded or business-minded users come up with a website operating as a social network with advanced community management features. The platform also extends its e-commerce solutions such that users are able to earn money from the respective communities.

Reasons to consider Ning in your no-code stack

  • Creation of Social Networks: Ning allows you to get started with the creation of interactive social networks. It is achieved by allowing to undertake easy steps -like naming the social network, selection of a color theme, ensuring unique profile questions, and so more.
  • Publishing Tools: You can think of adding a single or multiple blogs with SEO optimization. You can make use of whichever comment platform you feel like -like Disqus, Facebook, and so more.
  • Email broadcasting: Ning allows you to be in touch with your community in the best possible manner -email. It helps in saving you ample time as well as money that you would have to invest in some other email list management service.
  • Customizable Options: Now, you can develop the exact look and feel you want for the social network with the help of the intuitive drag-and-drop feature of Ning. You can also include custom code and even connect the same with your own domain name.

What can you accomplish with Ning?

  • Monetization: Ning enables membership access to the respective platform. Therefore, you can collect donations, accept payments, and monetize your overall content effectively.
  • Moderation and Privacy: With Ning, you can ensure that every user out there has ample control over the respective levels of privacy. You can also look into the moderation of content, appointment of option administrators, and controlling spam.
  • Mobile Optimization: You can effectively access your social network with Ning from mobile devices. It is because of the overall responsive design of the platform. You are also capable of developing your own optional application with the help of APIs.

Top features of Ning

  • Monetization
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Email broadcasting
  • Mobile optimization

Pricing plans

  • Basic: $25 per month
  • Performance: $49 per month
  • Ultimate: $99 per month

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