Forumbee helps you engage your customers and scale product support with an online user community for your product or website

A brief overview of Forumbee

Forumbee is a modern, no-code cloud-based community platform. It allows the creation of a branded online community with interactive discussions, Q&A, knowledge-based articles, and idea generation. With Forumbee, users are allowed to customize the respective forum with the help of built-in themes. They can ensure their own branding, logos, and colors. With the help of Q&A forums, members can go ahead with posting questions and helping others by answering and sharing knowledge. Users can easily create private communities within the websites for ensuring confidentiality. Forumbee also comes forth with a range of moderation tools like user rights and control over them.

Reasons to consider Forumbee in your no-code stack

  • Customizable User profiles: With Forumbee, it is possible to customize and design dedicated user profiles with much ease. The platform also comes available with additional similar features like user management tools, activity tracker, email notifications, support for video and images, and file attachments in different formats.
  • User-friendly platform: Forumbee offers its users with a user-friendly, cloud-based, no-code discussion platform in which there is no need of installing a software or application into the system. The overall setup is quite easy and fast and can be achieved within minutes. No coding expertise or knowledge is required for using the platform.
  • Development of online communities: Once the setup is complete, you can easily build interactive online communities. With Forumbee, the end users can be highly expressive and vocal with proper responses and messages. They can also make use of video files or rich texts within the message to make it interactive.

What can you accomplish with Forumbee?

  • Authentic feedback: As customers are capable of interacting in forums, you will receive actional, top-value, and authentic feedback. Forumbee provides a dedicated voice for your brand such that you can receive detailed insights into your business.
  • Reduced Support Requests: As forums tend to be interactive and engaging for supporting Q&A sessions, you will observe reduced support for requests through traditional methods like email, chat, and call.
  • Employee engagement: with Forumbee, it is possible to learn, share, and collaborate effectively with the help of Employee Community. This allows your organization to communicate properly with the employees regarding their queries and requests.
  • Interactive Dashboard: The dashboard of the platform reveals important information like key activity, recent postings, recent visitors and their maps, activity charts, and so more.

Top features of Forumbee

  • Discussion forums
  • Hidden forums
  • Social sharing
  • Q&A forums
  • Full moderation controls

Pricing plans

  • Premium: $250 per month
  • Enterprise: $750 per month
  • Custom: On request only

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