Crowdstack is the best alternative to Facebook Groups that provides indie spaces for your communities online

A brief overview of Crowdstack

Crowdstack is a hosted SaaS community and no-code membership platform. The platform has been designed for allowing individuals to engage, grow, and retain target audiences. With Crowdstack, website owners will have complete control. Crowdstack features content feeds that are organized by channels. There are several other features to enhance membership engagement and management.

Crowdstack Pro is an easy-to-use and customizable customer engagement platform by Crowdstack. As Crowdstack is a SaaS, there is no requirement of coding. It simply works on it own. Crowdstack delivers access to a dedicated platform for individuals to ensure interaction, sharing, providing feedback, and conversing effectively.

Reasons to consider Crowdstack in your no-code stack

  • Simple Admin Interface: Crowdstack offers access to a simple, easy-to-use admin interface. Therefore, it delivers ample flexibility while making it easy for everyone to manage an online community. The presence of the mobile-friendly interface with Crowdstack makes it easy to be used across all devices.
  • A Dedicated Space for the Group: Crowdstack offers a dedicated space to be used by individuals or groups for maximum engagement. The platform welcomes all entrepreneurs, businesses, non-profits, creators, podcasters, and others who are in search for a simple online space for resource sharing, QA, and conversation.
  • Flexible Sign-in: While you might use other engagement platforms, there are others who would not use the same network. Crowdstack, on the other hand, is inviting and open. People can easily join your network or community with the help of Crowdstack, Facebook, or Google logins.

What can you accomplish with Crowdstack?

  • Content Ownership: Crowdstack will not monitor your content or determine what content you should promote amongst a particular group. You are the owner of your content. Therefore, you can decide by setting your own rules for ensuring conversation, communicating independently without any surveillance, and so more.
  • Goodness Value: Facebook might be completely free to use. However, you have to compromise your freedom in exchange. With Crowdstack, you can expect maximum value without any compromise to your autonomy. The business model here is not predicted on marketing your information.
  • Advanced Analytics: You can get access to the unique community health report or advanced analytical report with Crowdstack. It helps you in keeping a track of the entire community. You can also download or email the results any time.

Top features of Crowdstack

  • Access controls or permissions
  • Event management
  • Content management
  • Membership management
  • Ideation

Pricing plans

  • Freestack: Free
  • Fullstack: $59 per month

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