Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks helps you create a community, livestream, build online courses, run events, and charge for access - all without having to write a single line of code

A brief overview of Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks is a community software solution designed for helping businesses in the creation of online courses. Additionally, it also helps in the development of branded mobile apps while also building online communities. It allows users to create membership sites for offering paid online courses, paid groups, or groups of courses to the respective members. Mighty Networks serves both entrepreneurs and creators by bringing together the respective communities, sales pages, online courses, and much more.

Reasons to consider Mighty Networks in your no-code stack

  • Building a Business Powered by Community: With Mighty Networks, it is possible to create a community while live-streaming and building online courses. You are also capable of running events and charging access all in the given Mighty Network. 
  • Live Website Community: Mighty Networks allows you to bring people together under the brand with the help of content, courses, and events all available on the mobile and web apps. It serves to be the future of all businesses.
  • Connection to Zapier: With Mighty Networks, it is possible to connect with Zapier for facilitating integration with multiple third-party marketing or payment platforms. These platforms are Mailchimp, Memberful, and Stripe.

What can you accomplish with Mighty Networks?

  • Livestream and Create Events: You can think of going live directly from the Mighty Network for connecting with the members. You can also think of bringing them together with scheduled online and in-person events.
  • Custom Branding & Personalized Domain: You can look forward to creating a beautiful and customized experience. This is achieved with the help of a personalized domain name and the unique brand across the mobile apps and website.
  • Access to Online Courses: Mighty Networks serves to be the online platform wherein online courses integrate effectively with a community. Your members will get to learn more and quickly while unlocking growth from the high-ticket courses.
  • Advanced Memberships and Subscriptions: With Mighty Networks, it is possible to create memberships for everything or even charge for premium groups and courses. It becomes simple to set up and easier to sell.

Top features of Mighty Networks

  • Cloud, SaaS, and web-based
  • Documentation
  • Live online
  • Phone support
  • Knowledge based
  • Forum and FAQs

Pricing plans

  • Community Plan: $33 per month
  • Business Plan: $99 per month
  • Mighty Pro: custom

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