LaunchPass is the best way to build and manage a private paid chat community, without coding

A brief overview of LaunchPass

LaunchPass is a no-code platform for launching a paid chat community within minutes. With LaunchPass, it becomes easier for you to charge for delivering access to Discord and Slack. LaunchPass serves to be the best way to execute a private paid community. The platform handles permissions, invites, and payments such that users are capable of focusing on the creation of great content while growing the community. LaunchPass ensures simple user management. The activity feed of the platform helps in managing the overall community seamlessly.

Reasons to consider LaunchPass in your no-code stack

  • Ease of Running a Private Paid Community: LaunchPass offers the ease of running the private paid community. With this tool, it is possible to customize the invite page, embed payment widget on the website, accept free or paid members, and connect Discord or Slack.
  • Ease of Monitoring & Managing: LaunchPass makes the process of user management seamless. With the tool, you are capable of easily tracking membership activity, monitoring the most important metrics, quickly refunding and canceling subscriptions, and building automated workflows with Zapier and Stripe.
  • Fit for All Businesses: LaunchPass is easy to work with a wide base of users and organizations including mid-sized businesses, freelancers, enterprises, government, and non-profit organizations.

What can you accomplish with LaunchPass?

  • Access to Subscription Membership Platform: LaunchPass converts Slack into the ultimate subscription membership platform for ensuring maximum community engagement.
  • Connection to Stripe Connect: LaunchPass makes of Stripe Connect for allowing users charge for accessing Slack and Discord channels, servers, and roles, and for quickly initiating the receipt of payments.
  • Discord Scheduled Events with LaunchPass: With Discord Scheduled Events, it allows you to schedule specific events on the server in advance. This will allow you to announce the community upon the occurrence of the event.

Top features of LaunchPass

  • Membership database
  • Payment processing
  • Non-profit membership
  • Application management
  • Automatic renewals

Pricing plans

  • Basic: free
  • Professional: $29 per month

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