Luma helps you foster meaningful relationships within your community through events, newsletters, and insights

A brief overview of Luma

Luma is a no-code event management software solution. With the software solution, it is possible to design interactive event websites to be shared with respective guests. With Luma, it is also possible to collect guest registrations, prepare for a large-scale event, and send over event reminders. Luma offers end-to-end solutions for event web app design. With Luma, users can deliver free access to a number of paid events. It can be utilized for hosting members only for Zoom events. Individuals can ensure that more people arrive at the event as Luma allows them to send newsletters with the help of a community dashboard.

Reasons to consider Luma in your no-code stack

  • A Website for Elevating Your Event: Every event deserves much more than a simple registration form. With Luma, it is possible to design interactive and feature-rich events websites that draw the attention of one and all. You can set the tone for a great time or event with the help of a beautiful website.
  • Sale of Tickets for the Event: With Luma, you can easily set a dedicated price for a particular event. Therefore, you can sell tickets for the event via the event website. Guests will receive access to event-related information only when they ensure the payment.
  • Activate Your Community: With Luma, you can look forward to fostering meaningful relationships with newsletters, events, and community analytics. You are provided a separate dashboard that can be customized as per the specific requirements of your event.

What can you accomplish with Luma?

  • Control Over Your Event: Luma allows you to share your event page or website without even revealing Zoom information. Therefore, you can exercise ample control over your events with utmost privacy. You can easily configure your event to ensure manual approval and RSVP.
  • Zoom Integrations: With luma, you can link the respective Zoom account for automatically generating Zoom meetings as per your specific requirements. All you are expected to do is to input your event details. The platform will create a dedicated Zoom meeting on your specific account.
  • Tips & Donations: Whether you are hosting a free or paid event using Luma, your guests might want to send over a tip as a thankful gesture. You can easily collect donations and tips from the event page of Luma.

Top features of Luma

  • Automatic reminders
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Calendar invites
  • Referral program for guests
  • Multi-session events

Pricing plans

  • Free
  • Plus: $49 per month

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