Glue Up

Glue Up is an all-in-one CRM platform that helps you build and grow your community through events, memberships, and other digital tools

A brief overview of Glue Up

Glue Up is a no-code, all-in-one CRM platform that helps with building and growing your community with the help of memberships, events, and other advanced digital tools -all at a single place. The all-in-one platform of Glue Up integrates the best event management, CRM management, email marketing, membership management, finance, and other revolutionary productivity tools. The cloud solutions of Glue Up are available with two apps -one for the communities and the other for organizations.

The solutions offered by Glue Up are perfect for organizations, event organizers, Chambers of Commerce, and all types of member-based enterprises that look forward to serving the respective communities better.

Reasons to consider Glue Up in your no-code stack

  • Corporate Meetings and Event Suite: To help your company in improving the event management efforts, ensure effective meetings, and develop a highly engaged community, Glue Up comes forth with Corporate Meetings and Event Suite feature. It is a solution that can easily fit into the existing processes while delivering results that you can measure.
  • Interactive Collaboration Tools: Glue Up offers access to feature-rich collaboration tools for increasing engagement and interactivity with the help of public and private groups. You can also make use of features like mobile app and social media sharing.
  • A dedicated toolkit: The leading event management solution functions as your dedicated toolkit or both online and in-person events.

What can you accomplish with Glue Up?

  • Success with Every Click: Chapter Management is the robust engagement feature offered by Glue Up. It allows organizations to check the overall health of the respective chapters and affiliates with some clicks.
  • Effective networking: You can allow the attendees of your event to network effectively with Speed Networking 2.0 feature of Glue Up. It is a smart matching technology that serves to be an upgraded version of matching individuals against their interests and commonalities.
  • Direct Messaging: You can go through all your ongoing conversations with other members with this feature. Moreover, it also serves to be a great way to send meeting requests, delete unimportant messages, block unwanted messages, and eliminate spam.
  • Ease of Payment Processing: Recurring Payments is an all-new feature within Glue Up that allows members to keep paying for the membership on a continued basis in a hassle-free manner.

Top features of Glue Up

  • Agenda management
  • Membership management
  • Event management
  • Chapter management
  • Attendee profiles

Pricing plans

  • On request only

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