Intersect Labs

Intersect helps you visually build internal data apps. Import data, automate complex data operations, and trigger actions with prebuilt components.

A brief overview of Intersect Labs

“Until we started using Intersect Labs, cleaning our customers' data was slow and mostly manual. Now, it is done in a couple of minutes.”, says George Holt, Growth Analytics.

Intersect Labs powers organizations to create data notebooks visually, customize them when needed, and deploy them to teams. It provides you with a set of powerful building blocks like Tables, Transforms, Charts, Comments and Actions that will help you compose your data app. You can now build your app using an intuitive visual editor and preview updates in real-time. Intersect Labs has numerous features to benefit your app like clean data, manage inventory, create sales reports, understand demand, and more.

Reasons to consider Intersect Labs in your no-code stack

  • Intersect labs is specially designed for people who work in teams. It offers you seamless collaboration. It also ensures that you easily maintain provenance with version control and audit logs.
  • Intersect Labs provides you with a library of native integrations that lets you connect data sources easier. For example Google Sheets, Salesforce, Shopify, Excel automated reports, Facebook ads, Typeform, etc.

What can you accomplish with Intersect Labs?

  • Churn Reduction: Predict which customers are likely to cancel and proactively take action on them.
  • Cross Selling: Predict future cost selling opportunities with existing customers.
  • Dynamic Pricing: Predict willingness to pay and setup Uber-like dynamic pricing.
  • Employee Attrition: Predict which employees are at risk of leaving and engage with them more closely.
  • Lead Conversion: Predict which leads have the most propensity to convert.

Top features of Intersect Labs

  • Import your data from any source
  • Work with data, in collaborative data notebooks
  • Share as an interactive data app that anyone can run or schedule
  • Granular Permissions, Versioning, SSO, On-Prem

Pricing plans

  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Lite: $75 per month
  • Team: $150 per month
  • Professional: $500 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom

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