Akkio is the fastest, easiest way to build and deploy AI with your business data — without coding

A brief overview of Akkio

Akkio is an AI-powered, no-code business analytics and forecasting software solution helping you to ensure data-driven choices for growing your company. With Akkio, it is possible to improve the overall efficiency of all possible aspects of increasing business operations. Akkio also enables businesses to scale rapidly by predicting crucial business outcomes with the help of current data. With Akkio, it is possible to advance from data to Artificial Intelligence (AI) without any expertise in Data Science or coding knowledge.

Reasons to consider Akkio in your no-code stack

  • Data Conversion into Predictive Models: With data in, you can get insights out. You can commence with historic data and train the Machine Learning model while using the same to undertake real-time decisions.
  • Access to Instant Web Apps: You can share the predictions with your entire team instantly with the help of a direct link. It is also functional on your phone.
  • Powering Up the App: Akkio provides access to the easiest way to include Artificial Intelligence to any given app or website. The solution brings forth integrations that are available for the most famous platforms and languages.
  • Faster Growth: With Akkio, it is possible to ensure faster and instant growth as you get access to the no-code Machine Learning model. Any business can leverage the power of AI for growing the respective business.

What can you accomplish with Akkio?

  • Ability to Predict the Future: With Akkio, businesses can look forward to harnessing the immense potential of AI without any requirement of code. It is possible to ensure data prediction within seconds. 
  • Augmented Lead Scoring: Businesses can easily rank the marketing leads by its chances of converting to focus the overall efforts towards the highest probability revenues. 
  • Churn Reduction: With Akkio, it is possible to predict which customers deliver the most danger of leaving. Therefore, you can easily stop the churn much before its happening. 
  • Fraud Detection: Akkio allows you to detect as well as act on fraudulent transactions with the help of AI. The solutions can be tailored as per your business specifications.
  • Cost Modeling: With the help of the Artificial Intelligence technology, it is possible to predict the costs –quite easily than ever before.

Top features of Akkio

  • API integration
  • Lead scoring
  • Easy to use
  • High performance

Pricing plans

  • Starter: $50 per month
  • Enterprise: custom

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